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Адов, it all sounds ok in English. But in Russian you just travel - alone or with friends or relatives, as it suits you, and the point of a trip is the trip itself, not some kind of lifestyle embodied in the trip. It's ok to say "Я всегда/обычно путешествую один". But to define oneself as a "solo-traveller"... I really don't know how to put it, in Russian it just sounds as if you were trying to impress people with having some particular way of travelling, different from the common folk. It's like crying "please note that I am alternative". It has a distinct hipster flavour to it and would probably be mocked.

- Я соло-путешественник.
- Позер ты дешевый, вот ты кто.

Bonus points if the word путешественник is substituted with English "traveller" transliterated into Cyrillic.
- Я соло-тревелер. Мое хобби - соло-тревелинг.

Once again, it's not about travelling alone or in company. It's about unnecessary stressing some particular way of travelling.
Of course, it's just my view of it. Opinions may differ.
Адов, вы на аватарке бкрс в рюкзак положили?))