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2017.07.09r1 Johny, спасибо  1 Just two more questions:
1. Is it ok to use the verb 接近 with 距离 in the sense of "closing the distance"? If literally translated, it rather sounds as "approaching (?) the distance".
2. In this phrase:
when the author is speaking about "trading your nice manners for another man's approval", is it a common expression? I mean 换+[smth intangible].

Hi, I'm sorry for the late reply, I just came back from Wyoming. 50
1. It's ok, but we usually say 近距离.
2. No, I don't think so. But it's not a mistake though. Actually the sentence needs some work. I would say 有个好的习惯来换别人高看一眼.
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2017.07.08r1 То ли передовица за подписью главреда, то ли у автора дофига странный псевдоним)
"Скажите, Ватсон, почему у вас такое странное имя - "Доктор"?"(с)  14

Johny, помогите нам  1 Which one of the four Chinese phrases quoted in my post above sounds more natural and makes the most sense?

I think the first one. 1 Other sentences sound a bit odd for me. My friend has the same view.
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