Dear friends,
I am from Bulgaria, the owner of website http://www.zhongbaotong.com .
The idea of this website is to serve as a dictionary between Chinese and Bulgarian languages, similarly to BKRS. Since many Bulgarian sinologists know Russian, it will be very useful if with one search, together with Bulgarian translation they can see the Russian one as a reference.
I would like to ask for permission to display on my webstite data taken from BKRS, provided that it will be clearly indicated that the information is taken from your website, together with the corresponding links to it, so if the user wants, he can open directly your website. I will clarify with a small example.
If the user search the word 西瓜 at http://www.zhongbaotong.com/dictionary.php http://www.zhongbaotong.com/dictionary.php he will get response like this:

Резултати от търсенето:
Опростен вид: 西瓜
xīguā, xīgua
бот. диня (Citrullus vulgaris Schrad.)
倒西瓜水 диал. разбивам (на някого) главата

Резултат от bkrs.info :
бот. арбуз (Citrullus vulgaris Schrad.)
倒西瓜水 диал. разбить (кому-л.) башку

Please, let me know if it is possible.
Best regards
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2013.07.19kont40 Please, let me know if it is possible.
You can do it. Or you can download database and use it on your site.
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