Future of Miami begins now
Miami is just over 100 years old and it is already recognized as one of the fastest growing cities for “The Latin American Fund”.
Unique in almost every respect, Miami surprises an occasional visitor and bewitches those who are lucky enough to call it a home.
With a temperate climate, white sandy beaches, views of the ocean and a powerful economy, Miami continues to attract travelers.
Of all the places in this big city the culture is in abundance- the museums of Mecca, scientific museums, the center of fine arts and sports arena. The future of Miami begins now.
And your future home is here.
在这个大城市的所有地方,文化丰富 - 博物馆,科学博物馆,美术和体育竞技场的中心。 迈阿密的未来现在开始了。
Receive permanent US residence for you and your family through the EB5 investment program
What is an EB5 investor visa?
The US investment program EB5 is one of the fastest and most effective ways to move to the US, get a green card and obtain citizenship.
The purpose of the EB-5 program is to obtain a residence permit for yourself and your family members by investing in the US economy. The invested funds are returned to the investor after the completion of the project with interest, and his family receives a permanent residence permit in the United States of America.
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