IDC operation and maintenance shift engineer
Responsible for routine maintenance inspection of infrastructure and server rooms, switch routine, kept that in a good condition room runtime environment, record environmental data;
Install equipment, hardware maintenance, hardware troubleshooting for data center server, network device and other operators;
Responsible for install/uninstall equipment,and server system basic installation: such as Windows / Linux operating system;
Assistance for Linux system basic debugging, locate the fault information, notification to Alibaba Help Desk accordingly;
Quickly response and feedback and tracking troubleshooting for daily problem and emergency
Responsible for adjusting and arrangement of data center physical link, such as optical fiber, cable, power cord;
Responsible of regular inspection, maintenance, replacement for all the servers and spares and bad parts in the data center storage;
Coordination of transport relations between the equipmentsand logistics;
In accordance with the requirements of local operators as well as Alibaba, implement the relevant normsstrictly
In accordance with the requirement of Alibaba, provide all kinds of daily reports;
Responsible for physical inspection of the network, keep them in a good condition operating environment;
Assistance for external links to be open, troubleshooting, fault locating information, and notice to Alibaba staff timely;
Timely response and feedback for daily problems and emergencies, follow-up troubleshooting and solve process.

Expertise and comprehensive quality:
Computer-related background, college degree or above;
Good communication and coordination skills, strong sense of responsibility;
Good document capabilities;
Personality: Stable, steadfast, careful, clear thinking;
Have basic experience in servers, network, data center maintenance;
Have good ability to work under the pressure. Have a good implementation capacity under the standardizing processes;
Have the basic knowledge and some practices experiences on network ,understand the theory and hardware components of Ethernet switches, routers and other
Understand the various types of network cable, fiber type andknowledge of routine maintenance,also be able to operate some of the test equipment;

Advanced in spoken and written both on English and Chinese is mandatory;
12 hours shift working mode is must;
Agree to transfer to Moscow shortly

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