At Beijing Foreign Studies University (hereinafter referred to as “BFSU”), each academic year is divided into spring semester and autumn semester. Autumn semester often starts in early September and ends in mid-January next year, while spring semester lasts from late February till mid-July. Exact dates of starting and finishing each semester are subject to academic calendar of BFSU.
Academic duration for a non-degree student is 0.5-1 year, for an undergraduate student, 4 years, and for a graduate student 1-5 years, depending on different majors.
“Programme Introduction”
1. Diploma Programme
(1) Undergraduate Programmes
Duration: 4 years. Students will be awarded diplomas upon successful completion of required programme courses and the oral defence of the dissertation. Those who fulfil the requirements for bachelor’s degree will also be awarded a degree certificate.
(2) Graduate Programmes
Duration: 1-3 years, depending on the major. Students will be awarded diplomas and certificates for master’s degree if they have gained all credits, completed the dissertation as well as the oral defence of the dissertation.
(3) Postgraduate Programmes
Duration: 3-5 years, depending on the major. Students will be awarded diplomas and certificates for doctoral degree if they have obtained all credits, made certain achievements in scientific research, completed the doctoral thesis as well as the oral defence of the dissertation.
2. Non-degree Programmes
(1) Preparatory Programmes
Duration: 0.5 years. Students can be recommended to study in BFSU on a relevant undergraduate major if they have good performance at school, are qualified after assessment and obtained excellent exams results.
(2) Programmes for Visiting Students
Duration: 0.5-1 year. Appropriate extension of study can be applied under specific circumstances. Students will be granted a BFSU course-completion certificate if they have finished courses in Chinese language study or the other majors as required for a specific academic year and succeed in exams.
(3) Programmes for Senior Visiting Students
Duration: 0.5-1 year. Appropriate extension of study can be applied under specific circumstances. Students will be granted a BFSU course-completion certificate if they have finished courses in Chinese language study or the other majors as required for a specific academic year and succeed in exams.
(4) Programmes for Short-Term Visiting Students (During Winter and Summer Vacations)
Duration: varies from 1-8 weeks. Only a short-term programme in Chinese language study is currently available. A BFSU study certificate will be issued upon the completion of programme courses.
Note: Please see introduction to each programme for specific majors that are available for enrollment or requirements for academic degree, language capacity, academic potential, etc. of an applicant.
“Application Qualifications”
1. Graduate from high school and 18 years or above;
2. Non-Chinese citizens who do not have Chinese nationality under the Nationality Law of the People's Republic of China and hold a valid ordinary passport;
3. Physically and mentally healthy, meet the physical examination requirements for Chinese Visa or Residence Permit applicants in China and the physical examination requirements of the major to study in BFSU to ensure normal study and life in China;
4. Have no violation of disciplines, no records of public security punishment or of criminal conduct; be friendly to China and behave well; comply with Chinese laws and university regulations, and respect Chinese customs and manners;
5. According to relevant regulations provided in the Notice (Doc number: Ministry of Education, Jiao Wai Lai No. 83, 2009), international undergraduate students who were residents in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan and had immigrated to a foreign country should be applied to the following regulation:
(1) Applicants should hold a valid foreign passport or nationality certificate for 9 years and more, and have a record proving that the applicants have stayed abroad for more than 7 years during the last 9 years (as of 30 April 2020) (staying abroad actually for over 9 months in a year will be counted as one year and calculation of the duration of stay will be based on the entry and exit stamps).
(2) Applicants who had been residents in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan and had immigrated to a foreign country, returned to China for high school education and graduated, shall be foreign nationals settling in China if they have not restored Chinese nationality; if they meet the application requirements for common colleges and universities in China, withholding the Expatriate Residence Permits* issued by the public security bureau of the Province/Autonomous Region/ Municipality, they can apply for and participate in the National College Entrance Examination at a location designated by the Provincial Admission Committee of the Province/Autonomous Region/ Municipality where they are located.
“Application & Enrollment Procedure”
1. Application
BFSU adopted an online application procedure. Applicants can register and log into the BFSU International Student Online Service System (http://study.bfsu.edu.cn) to apply.
(1) The application system is accessible: October 15 to December 15, 2019; April 10 to June 15, 2020;
(2) Application language: Chinese or English;
(3) Applicants must fill in real, correct, complete and valid information on the online system. The applicant should bear all consequences and responsibilities should there be any wrong, missing, false or invalid information that affects the admission and enrollment;
(4) In addition to filling out the online information, applicants should also upload required documentation as attachments. The attachments shall be color scanned copies, and the originals shall be maintained for verification. Please refer to Appendix 1for a list of required documents for attachments.
(5) For more information about such as acquisition, use and protection of student’s information and data, please refer to International Student Privacy Policy of Beijing Foreign Studies University.
2. Documentation Review
BFSU will review the application documents and organize entrance exams or assessments. Students are selected according to the academic scores they have obtained.
During the period of review, applicants can log into the BFSU International Student Online Service System (http://study.bfsu.edu.cn) to check updates and progress in application and relevant notices.
3. Admission
Applicants who have succeed in both the application document review and the exams/assessment will be selected, for whom BFSU will issue admission letters as well as, depending on the duration of the programme applied, issue relevant admission documents including the “Form of Visa Application for Study in China (JW202 Form)”.
It takes 4-5 weeks to mail out the relevant materials as of completion of the admission process.
4. Second Review
BFSU will conduct double review on application documents after admission and is entitled to withdraw the decision for admission and disqualify the applicant for admission if any violation is found.
5. Registration
New students should register in person at BFSU within the time specified in the Admission Letter. Please bring the Admission Letter, the original JW201/202 Form, originals of application materials and eight passport photos in white background (2 x 2") with you for registration. If you have had a physical examination at your home country, please also provide all the original medical examination materials.
6. Initial Examination and Review of Admission Qualifications
BFSU will conduct initial examination and review on admission qualifications when the student makes registration and after admission. Where during the review, the student's admission letter, candidate information and other certifying materials are found to be inconsistent with the actual information of that student or where fraud, malpractice and other circumstances exist, the student is determined as unqualified and his/her admission qualification or student status will be cancelled.
Please apply for an X1 or X2 Visa (for education) at the Chinese Embassy/Consulate with the Admission Letter, the Visa Application Form for International Students to Study in China (JW202/201 Form) and other materials before entering the country (for specific details of the documents needed, please contact the Chinese Embassy/Consulate for information).
“Medical Insurance”
International students should purchase the group all-risk insurance designated by BFSU. Those who do not purchase the insurance as required will not be able to get registered.
The insurance can be purchased before or on the day of registration. Insurance premium reference: 400 Yuan for six months; 800 Yuan for a year.
“Tuition Fees”
Please refer to Appendix 2 for tuition fees required for each major. Where tuition fees for short-term programmes and new established majors are not included in Appendix 2, please refer to admission guides of relevant majors.
Fees and refunds are all denominated in RMB.
Payment of the registration fee is a necessary step for applying for study at a university and should be completed after information submission. The registration fee will not be refunded once it has been charged. Tuition fees should be paid in one lump sum on a semester or academic year basis. Tuition fees for non-Chinese language majors should be paid in one lump sum on an academic-year basis. All tuition fees should be fully paid within the prescribed period. Those who fail to pay tuition fees in full and on time will not be able to get registered.
Students who choose to pay their tuition fees via bank transfer should transfer the money to the designated account and keep the proof of payment in case of verification. In the case of dropout and school transfer, refunds (if any) shall be implemented in accordance with the Provisional Regulation on Charges for International Students at BFSU.

See Appendix 3 for accommodation fees.
Tel of Accommodation Management department: 0086-10-88816881.
Given the limited dormitory resources, in the first semester, BFSU accepts no room reservation for freshman. From the second semester on after admission, reservation for accommodation can be made by the students themselves. Room applications by diploma students in their final year are subject to room availability, but in principle, BFSU will no longer provide on-campus apartments.
BFSU will assist freshman who hope to use dormitories with their accommodation, but the type of apartments will be subject to uniform arrangements by the university. Students who choose to live off- campus during their study should arrange their own accommodation in advance. Those who choose to live in a residential community should, within 24 hours of check-in, go to the nearest police station for issuance of the Registration Form of Temporary Residence, accompanied by the landlord.
Students living off-campus can proceed on enrolment and visa formalities with a valid temporary residence registration form.
“Account Information for Remittance”
Account No.: 020000 7609 02640 2172
“Contact us”
Overseas Students Affairs Office, Beijing Foreign Studies University
Address: Room 201, Student Center, 2 North Xisanhuan Avenue, Haidian District, Beijing
Tel: 0086-10-88816549/0671/6424
Fax: 0086-10-88812587
Website: https://osao.bfsu.edu.cn/
E-Mail: study@bfsu.edu.cn
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