TLex Suite   Multilingual


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Primary Features

• Fast
• User-friendly: TLex and tlTerm do not require advanced computer literacy skills – if you can use Microsoft Word, you will be able to learn TLex/tlTerm
• Automatic sense numbering
• Automatic homonym numbering
• Automatic cross-reference tracking and updating of homonym and sense numbers
• Immediate WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) article preview
• Immediate preview of cross-referenced articles and cross-referencing articles
• Integrated corpus
• Full Unicode support – supports virtually all of the world’s languages
• Easily enter any phonetic symbol (IPA ; phonetic extensions)
• Fully customisable and highly flexible (create any fields and structures relevant to your dictionary)
• Network and multi-user (team) lexicography support (supports all major database servers, e.g. MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL)
• Management Tools: Assign tasks to users and monitor user or team progress
• Export to:
- Microsoft Word format, RTF, HTML, XML, CSV
- Corel WordPerfect and OpenOffice (via RTF format)
- Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress
• Import from:
- Wordlists
- CSV (may also import corpus frequency counts)
- XML or word frequency counts from corpus query software
- CUSTOM: contact us for a quote for conversion of existing data in any format
• Various features for generating ‘multiple dictionaries from one database’
• Customisable styles (font, colour etc.) for every field in the dictionary
• Customisable language of the meta-language
• Bilingual dictionaries: Automated lemma reversal
• Bilingual dictionaries: Side-by-side bilingual editing and “linked view” mode
• Bilingual dictionaries: “Translation Equivalent fanouts”
• Multimedia: Allows sound (e.g. pronunciation) recordings to be linked to any field
• Multimedia: Allows images to be added to entries
• IME “Windows soft-keyboard” support
• Right-to-left language support (Hebrew, Arabic etc.)
• Fast full-dictionary text search
• Filter: define criteria for viewing/exporting a subset of the dictionary based on specific characteristics
• Dictionary compare/merge feature: Integrate work done by different team members
• A unique Ruler Tool to ensure balanced treatment on multiple levels
• Automatic checking for various dictionary errors
• Electronic Dictionary (CD-ROM) software module available
• Place dictionaries online. Examples:
- Online dictionary module:
· Swahili – English dictionary
· Northern Sotho – English dictionary
- Direct export to “static HTML”:
· James Randi Encyclopedia
• Scripting language
• Customisable DTD (dictionary grammar editor)
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не понимаю что это такое, словарь?
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2014.11.16бкрс не понимаю что это такое, словарь?

пишут, что это - специализированный софт для создания словарей, включая и тех, что в "онлайн".
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лингво свои словари этим наверное делает
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не думаю, что это представляет какой-то интерес для нас

для нас это на уровне экселя - в нём тоже можно делать словари

вообще не понимаю юзеркейсы данной программы, для чего она используется, что значит "создавать словарь"
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БКРС, для вёрстки печатных словарей.
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evkon, и для онлайн, может структура другая только http://africanlanguages.com/sdp/
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