Нужны редакторы/переводчики с английского на русский в офис компании CSOFT в Шеньчжень.

Суть работы

1, according to the application of the development of terminology screening, terminology translation, development set translation, type of error type of quality evaluation and other language production project quality requirements and standards.
2, management and coordination of production resources suppliers, distribution arrangements for the production projects, control project progress, to solve the project production process, effective control of project completion time, on time delivery results.
3, manage the project cost, reasonable control project unit price, control production cost.
4, the results of the project quality sampling, protection of project quality of production.
5, according to the machine translation quality optimization needs, to provide reference to the linguistic rules, evaluation, marking help.


1, linguistics or translation education background, proficient in English Russian, Chinese ability is excellent, with translation project or localization project work experience.
2, familiar with the language service industry, doing things flexible, according to the project objectives and effective use of language skills.
3, skilled use of Office, Trados, snowman CAT, TMS, QA tools and other office software.
4, the work of careful and meticulous, good communication and coordination and management capabilities.

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